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If you've ever searched for a decent pace calculator, you know that most running-related destinations on the Internet are 1% content and 99% downward spiral of advertising inception. If you manage to suffer through the noise, you'll find that every available pace calculator sucks.

Given this lack usable tools, I usually build an Excel spreadsheet when I need to do basic pace arithmetic. Since I'm injured this holiday, I decided to start work on a simple interactive pace tool that (hopefully) doesn't suck.

You're probably not Mo Farah but if you're training hard for a race—and you have a finish time in mind—you are likely at least a bit obsessed. Maybe the following questions sound familiar?

  • What pace do I have to run to finish a marathon in 3:30? Boston qualifying time? sub-3 hours?
  • How slowly can I make my way through the first few stampede miles of my race without having to run impossible splits later?
  • How much closer to my goal time would I be if I stopped drinking beer, lost 10 pounds, and took five seconds off each mile?
  • I'm going to run a 10K tune-up race: what the hell is 10K in miles?
  • How fast did Abel Kirui have to run his mile splits to win the 2016 Chicago Marathon in 02:11:23?

I'm calling this thing the Pace Playground for now because it's built to be interactive and playful. Using it is simple:

  1. Choose a race
  2. Choose a goal time
  3. Play with the split times

Initially, splits are drawn at whatever even pace is required to hit your goal time. Now the fun part: click (or tap) on a split to select it. Use and to adjust the split time. This will lock the split time in place and you will see a next to it. Time that you or from a locked-in split will cause automatic adjustments to the remaining unlocked splits so your goal time is always achieved. Click the on a locked-in split to unlock it.

Each split has a total split time (time it took to run that split) and total race time (cumulative time so far in the race). Depending on the type of race you're playing with, you'll see milestone times drawn in the right places. For a marathon, you'll see milestone times for 13.1, 10K, 20K, 30K and 40K. For a 20K you'll see milestone times every 5K, and so on.

If you have a mouse, hovering over a split will select it and hovering out or hitting ESC will deselect it. / will cycle through splits. / will adjust split times.

Change the race, goal time, and split units any time you like to start over and imagine a different scenario or another race. There's no point to this except to play and hopefully get a better sense how changes in some splits affect others.

As usual: NO ADVERTISING. NO ANALYTICS. NO TRACKING OF ANYTHING. Your data is yours, keep it.

Hope you find this useful and fun. If you want to get in touch, report bugs, ask for features, pm me naked running pictures, or tell me how much this pace calculator sucks, please use Twitter.