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Posting an end-of-week training summary is encouraged on the 2017 Runner's World Sub-3-Hour Marathon Training thread (Each year the thread begins anew: 2016, 2015). In a typical week, my "weekly" post to this forum is my only post yet it's become a habit and a bit of a ritual—it's how I end each week of training.

This application is my attempt to automate the boring part of this weekly routine by pulling activities from Strava into a table view than can be copy-and-pasted into the forum. There are a few existing applications that do this well but I wanted additional flexibility:

  1. Support switching between metric and imperial units
  2. Show non-run activities separately from runs and summarize them separately
  3. Optionally show private activities (my daily bike commutes are private so I don't flood the Strava feeds of people who follow me there)
  4. Totals for distance, moving time, elevation gain
  5. As a technical goal, build this as a single-page application

Some background: I post every run and ride I do on Strava. You should too if you plan to use this application. In fact, Strava is really great and you should use it even if you don't plan to use this application.

When you click the "Connect with STRAVA" button, Strava will ask your permission to share your public Strava activities (and private activities too if you so specify) with this application ( run hacks). If you approve, this application will then fetch your activities and show them to you one week at a time in a table view. You will see buttons to skip back to previous weeks or forward to next weeks as appropriate. This will hopefully be obvious once you see it.

This application stores absolutely nothing about you or your Strava activities. In fact, there is no database, no cookies, no analytics, no advertisements. Each time you use the application you will have to use the "Connect with STRAVA" button to authorize access to your Strava activities.

If you have questions or feedback feel free to get in touch via Twitter.